Manga Studio: Adding Speed & Focus Lines

By Rio

Nothing shows action like speed and focus lines. Speed lines are multiple lines that denotes movement while focus lines are like bursts of light that focus on an aspect on the page.

To create focus or speed lines, all you have to do is go to Filter and then choose Focus Lines… or Speed Lines…. This will bring up a new window with multiple options you can select to create your speed or focus lines.

The options mostly remain the same as seen in the image below. One main difference is the shape that appears depending one what type of line effects you are creating. For focus lines, a circle will appear whereas parallel lines are present for speed lines. Drag and drop the red X to where you want to create your line effect. Let’s take a look at some of the common settings between the two:

Length — determines the length of the lines
Width — determines the thickness of the lines
Angle — changes what angle one line will be to it’s neighbor. The higher the degree, the further one line will be from it’s neighbors
Curve — will spiral the lines and create waves
Shift — how far it will be from the center as seen above for focus lines and for speed lines, it will stagger the lines so it doesn’t resemble a lined paper.

Random — will randomly place the lines depending on which setting you will place so it looks less uniform and more hand-made.
In/Out — this will set the ending and beginning lines to sharpen to a point
Drawing/Background Color — this setting will turn the lines black, white, transparent or inverted with black or white lines
Distance — how far from the x mark the lines will start.

Aside from these, there are icons on the top of the Layer Properties window. Here, you will find a hand which can move the page around, an arrow you can use to move the red X and the focus of the speed lines, and a pencil that gives you more control in setting the effect lines.

Focus Lines also have an extra icon called Draw Position Transform that lets you draw a box-like shape that you can expand or contract. The red line is the border that the lines will automatically set themselves to start.

Speed lines has another option you can use and it deals with alignment. Near the bottom, you will see three radio buttons with Start Point, Center and End Point which are the equivalent of left, center and right alignment. Clicking one of these will move the red X and realign all the speed lines.

Remember: Make a new layer for each new effect lines you make! If you do not, it will be put in with the same layer that was selected (i.e. a tone, your etching or line art).

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