Helicopter: Profile

By Iliyan Spirov (aka BEAR)

I'm going to cover the basics for drawing helicopters. Design is up to you! First, start
with a long line. This will be the base for your helicopter.

Raise a triangle from that line, somewhere near the center but not in the center.

The longer line will be your heli’s “tail”. The shorter will be for your cockpit. Now let’s do the tail first! Raise a short line at the end of the tail and connect it with the triangle!

Next we add the other tail components (don’t know their names, sorry).

The tail is pretty much finished. Attach to the lower parts of the helicopter (your cockpit design)!

I rushed it out a bit. The darkened lines show the entrance (the front window). Let’s add the upper part.

Erase some useless lines! My cockpit design turned out poor, but it will work for now! :) We now need the “blades”. If you want you can add “blades” to the tail too (I did not).

We have to make the blades look nicer. (Not enough paper on the left) :)

Blades are done. Uh-oh! No landing gear! We will make one. You can put standard wheels or water ski (as I did), or what you wish.

Here! The basic helicopter is complete! Now soften the corners if you like and add details and stuff. I add a “ROCK ON” logo on the lower part of the cockpit, a machine gun, the pilot seat and of course a door.

Detail the tail and you’re done. Add random stuff (stickers, more small wings, stripes etc.) to make it cooler.

Additional Info:
If you have any questions about this tutorial, you can contact Iliyan in the forum via PM. His membername is BEAR. To see more of his work, visit his art thread in the Artist Corner and Artist Corner Archive at the forum.

***Instruction provided by Iliyan Spirov (aka BEAR). Copyright © 2007 Ilayan Spirov. All rights reserved.***

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