December 2009 Color Me Christmas Contest

With a new, improved site coming up soon, why not say goodbye to this "old" site with a nice contest? For this "last" contest, get creative by sending in what you think I look like! Choose one of these two silhouettes as inspiration and a base. Send your finished entry to Rio at rio[at]mangatutorials[dot]com. Be sure to exchange the [at] and [dot] with the appropriate symbols. Also, make sure you specify "Color Me Christmas Contest" in your email and specify which Paint Jump you would like to get if you won.

Art skills will not be rated in this contest. I am looking for creativity so get your creative juices going and send me something interesting. Make it surprising, funny, weird, cute, or whatever you think will catch my interest. Have fun and good luck!

Color Me Christmas Contest Prizes The Prizes:
Dec 5, 12, or 19 Prize: Naruto Paint Jump
Dec 5, 12, or 19 Prize: Bleach Paint Jump
Dec 5, 12, or 19 Prize: Eyeshield 21 Paint Jump
Dec 26 Prize: Comickers Coloring Art Book

Each week, beginning December 5th, I will be awarding two Paint Jump books to two winners except for December 26th where one winner will be chosen. What does this mean? The earlier you get your work in, the more chances you have of winning! If only two people enter by December 5th, for example, then those two people will automatically win. Yes, that's right - those two will win!

Don't forget to specify which Paint Jump book you want and be sure to keep an eye on the winners list here on the site or your email. I will be giving each winner one week to reply with their address. If they fail to do that, another winner will be chosen in their stead. All entries will roll over into the next week. What does that mean? If you don't win one week, your artwork is still eligible to win on another week until the contest ends. As I said earlier, the earlier you get your entry to me, the more chances you have of winning so enter now!

Eyeshield 21 Paint Jump Bleach Paint Jump


What is Paint Jump?
Paint Jump is a compilation of artwork from a particular series placed into one book. The first several pages consists of full color pages with step-by-step instructions and images on how to color with colored, pencils, markers, or watercolor the artwork that is found in the book. It is followed by several illustration examplesThe artwork are all black and white with perforated edges so you can easily tear out the artwork and color it as you like. Each art page is printed on thick paper so you can color in marker, watercolor, or any other media you would like. The last part of the book has several postcards with double-sided artwork for you to use.

Paint Jump is only available in Japan and from import stores such as Bookstore Kinokuniya. Text in the book is in Japanese but you can pretty much figure out the instructions on your own and the remainder of the book features artwork from the series. For more on Paint Jump, visit the official Paint Jump website.

1. Entries must be received by 12:59 pm EST, December 25, 2009. Anything sent after will not be accepted.
2. Contest is open to anyone. Yes, including folks in other countries besides US and previous winners are welcome to enter.
3. One entry per person only. Send in your best work!
4. By entering, you give me the right to post up your artwork at this site and your name too, of course.
5. No H images, foul language, or anything inappropriate please.
6. Anyone breaking any of the rules will be disqualified. No and's, if's, or but's. If you have a question, visit the forum.

Your privacy is greatly respected at this site. If you would like to just use your first name and first letter of your last name (ex. Rio A.) or use an alias, we are okay with either one. Only the winner will be asked to send us his or her address which will be kept confidential. We'll only post what country he or she is located. All other entrants will not be asked to send in their address or other contact info aside from their email, of course.

December 5: Mizuki and FreshCutFruit
December 12: Cetriya and Son44
December 19: Alade and Renzo
December 26: LM, runner-up: Kiyru

Winning Entries

Other Entrants


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