Making this thread so I can stop clogging up the random thread.

So a weird new feature in New Leaf is the ability to visit dreams of other towns while sleeping. It's pretty unique. Since I wanted to see a town that was most likely super developed, I chose a random japanese one belonging to somebody named Karen. The whole dream thing is really voyeuristic in a way, but its voluntary, so..

First thing I notice is the crazy amount of flowers.

I bump into Karen herself. I can't understand anything she says.

I break into her house and its honestly a huge mess.

She has portraits of all these townspeople. How weird is this.

I bump into a dream walrus.

I guess Karen has a sister or something. Her house is a lot nicer.

I go back to the real world to celebrate the opening of the Dream Suite that allowed this strange out of body experience in the first place.

Also got a school uniform.