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Thread: best artist with good art

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    best artist with good art

    I'm having trouble trying to think where should i put this thread...
    so I'm sorry if this shouldn't be here

    who is the best game illustrator you know? (i don't really know if that's what they are called but they are the ones who made the game cgs)

    let's just line em up here., it doesn't matter if it's not a cg illustrator
    -hirano katsuyuki
    -Hyung-tae Kim
    -Joe Madureira
    -Oh! Great

    ok to these artist don't search it if your not 18 or above cause they drew h ones.. >.<
    -santa tsuji
    -tony taka

    ok just put anyone that has good art >.< i need to line up those artist that could be good for reference
    art book illustrator or something.. it's alright... this is for the benefit of having reference
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