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Thread: PIMP MY ART!!!!! (its back! and sticky'd!)

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    PIMP MY ART!!!!! (its back! and sticky'd!)

    Some of the older MT'ers may remember the "Pimp my art thread" from old MT. It generated a lot of art flow in MT during its time, and was a frequent stop for people who visited the old MT's Creative Corner. I myself, and many others, grew into better artists because of this thread, and im here to say...LETS BRING THE PIMP THREAD BACK!
    For those of you who don't know of the simple greatness of the Pimp thread here's a rundown of what it was all about:----------------------------------------------
    1.) someone (anyone) would post a pic to be "pimped". Maybe its a pic they aren't proud of, OR a pic they drew a long time ago.It can even be a pic of an O.C. you really love and ARE proud of(anything goes really >3>). Example:
    some crap i did a long time ago, and put in the pimp thread to be pimped
    2.) Someone (or many people) "pimps", or re-draws that pic in there own style and way. Example:
    Pimp by Iccy/DogHateBurger
    Pimp by Tetsuphil

    You don't have to be a pro to pimp someones art. Its all about seeing the same pic, the same characters, in different styles.
    Its super fun to pimp and have your stuff pimped. there are no "dibs" on pimping a pic, and just because a pic has been pimped several times, doesn't mean you shouldn't pimp it. WHO'S GOING TO START US OFF?
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