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How isn't Jagi remotely badass
You should not have asked me this.

Jagi is so lame in the movies he is barely represented. He gets two scenes that I can remember. One where he's a child and tries to kill a puppy (so badass right) and one where he is convincing Shin to kidnap Yuria.

Otherwise he is completely ignored and they act as if there are three Hokuto brothers. This is because his existance as a studen of Hokuto Shinken does not make any sense.

In order for Raoh to be taught by Ryuken he had to climb up a cliff with one arm while holding Toki in the other. Toki had to nearly murder a man ten times his size before Ryuken took notice to his skill and decided to train him. Shin gave up his eyes so that Kenshiro could fulfill his destiny as the successor of Hokuto Shinken. What did Jagi do?

All we know about Jagi is that he is in some sort of bike gang and likes to use weapons. What amazingly inspiring task did Jagi perform in order to gain entrance to the dojo? Probably nothing because he's so lame.

So Jagi exists basically to open up the idea that Kenshiro has brothers and that they are still alive. He's totally inconsequential otherwise. Also in a manga where every character is badass you chose Jagi, the lamest one by comparison. Even Juda is cooler than him.