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Thread: how long does it take to make the best wallpaper >.<

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    how long does it take to make the best wallpaper >.<

    this is just something i want to share... this is not drawn by me,,, it's drawn by sayori from neko works >.< probably the best artist i ever seen.. well one day i'll defeat this guys talent though lol
    (note to those under 18 do not search his name cause he draws some h ones) >.<

    I'm sure most of you seen these wallpapers already

    how long do you think this was made? >.< well my first expression would be " oh that guy is a pro then probably this is done just 8 hours or less".. >.<

    well if your the same as me then think again..

    look at these images and look at the time on the top

    3 hours for just rough sketch... >.< while some of us draw 2 hours for finished lines.. and say "this picture took me 2 hours and looks like shit" well you still got a lot of time to fix it dude.. >.< ... pros took their time

    there took him 5 hours just to line em up.. >.< very nice isn't it...

    well i wont comment on the other image process cause this much cging talent probably isn't needed to make a manga... so I'll just post the remains

    no patty breaks.. just kidding >.<

    I want to see other wallpapers like these cause i want to see all their process of doing things... so can anyone recommend some other?

    I'm not taking credit for this... >.< this is just something i want to share.. >.< and i am not expecting anyone here to praise me cause i made it clear that this was not drawn by me!

    from 8:00 to 12:00.. i can't believe that only took him 4 hours >.< for me that would likely take 10 hours.. >.<

    lol these are the types of wallpaper that we just turn to next page after seeing it for 2 seconds... do you see how long it took?
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