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Thread: who is you favorite anime character?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BozeSG View Post
    Sakata Gintoki from gintama, he's got the best personality i've ever seen a main character have...

    A fellow Gintama luver ;A; -does secret gintama handshake-

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    mine is ENDUO MAMORU .
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    I find hard to see Kanti as the best anime character, I love him but his thesis has always been kinda confusing for me.

    For my it would be Spike Spiegel.

    Spike Spiegel is a interesting character for many reasons. First of all he is sarcastic, careless and sometimes kinda childish, which makes him very charming in his own way. He also is very special, he remains me to Sherlock Holmes, because he has no other goal than his jobs, he has a authority problem, he live to satisfy himself, and being the main character you never end knowing him completely, which makes him extremely interesting if you want to go deep in his psychology.

    He lives through a dramatic philosophy this is because for him, he is dead, and death is just a awakening of a dream. This idea its pretty interesting for a main character, because it shows he has no goals, or his goal is to be awake (of course this can't be the goal, because the goal must be specific). But his philosophy die with love, and so it also get stronger when he lose his love, turning him back to someone who has nothing to live, but everything to put his ass in danger.

    That's why I love Spike, its because its a lineal character that is amazingly well done, it gave me the chilling of Casablanca, a mystery and deep psychology as in Sherlock Holmes and a constant sense of style and charm that work perfectly with the character.


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    A lot of mine have been mentioned already. 8D

    But no one has mentioned Kotetsu from Tiger&Bunny. Everyone goez da gheiz for him because he all manly and stuff.

    Kyubey because he really is a great character. He's neither evil nor good. He represents Buddha in a way. 8D I can't find the words eloquent enough to describe his personality (is it really one?).

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    mine is either L from death note or Lelouch from Code Geass

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    I can't believe I forgot about her but Humming Bird from deadman wonderland.

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    this is like asking which one of my children do I love more. I cant choose just one.

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    Blonde haired pretty boys with a dark side. As in, they're at best anti-heroes.

    Because they remind me of me. And I'm attracted to them.

    And my narcissism knows no bounds...
    Quote Originally Posted by Fenn
    You forgot your F in Modesty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kine View Post
    mine is either L from death note or Lelouch from Code Geass
    How can you live with yourself you swine.


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