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Thread: The "Coincidental Fear" Thread

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    The "Coincidental Fear" Thread

    'K, so the other day, I got the home all to myself. Now, you should know that I can be extremely paranoid, so the following events shouldn't come off as strange. About an hour after I was left with the house, it started to get dark. I heard a huge slam coming directly from above my head - as if someone smashed a bed against a wall. I jumped, and I tried to ignore it. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps coming from the stairs outside that lead upstairs. Now I couldn't ignore it. I ran to the kitchen and pulled out a butcher knife, as I'm also very violent. I decided that if I hear it one more time, I'd call my mom and notify her of it, then I'd go upstairs with the knife in hand. About ten minutes later, I heard a sound as if someone was stomping on the floor, and two minutes after that, I heard the sound of someone climbing upstairs again. I called my mom, and she sent my uncle over. We went upstairs, but the sounds stopped and we found nothing. About five minutes after my uncle left, I started to hear the stomps and footsteps again. When my family finally came home, we discovered what was making the sounds. First off, the curtains on a window fell off, making the sound of a bed slamming against a wall. Our stairs make a ticking sound as you walk up or down on them - and wouldn't you know it, our neighbors decided to buy sheep and put bells on them. As for the stomps, my mom accidentally left the window open, and when it slammed shut it made a rather loud sound. All of these happening in order made me sure that someone was upstairs - what a coincidence.

    So, tell me, has anything like this ever happened to you? If yes, I'm pretty sure we'd all love to hear about it.
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    Few days ago I was chillin' in my room at like 3am reading the latest Westword(local newspaper), and I hear what sounds like people yelling around and stuff.
    Then I heard something downstairs that sounded like the front door opening, or at least trying to. I ignored it for a bit, but it kept happening, so my hyperactive, extremely tired, and paranoid self grabbed my homemade mini nailbat I made a few years ago, and headed downstairs slowly.
    All the lights were off and it was like dark...really dark, but I heard voices outside the window.
    I snooped around cautiously and looked to see if both the doors were still locked, and looked out the windows.

    Turns out it wasn't shit, just the new neighbors out arguing for no reason. Better safe than sorry heh.


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