Greetings and I gratefully thank you for your generous long comments and critiques, dear CypressDahlia Sensei *Bows* Glad to see you dropped by and miss ya a lot X33

I didn't know we both have the same problem back then, and I'm relieved to know there's an alternative to improve it further by reading you comments... Hmm, looks like it takes some experimenting and practice to get it right... I do know my skills are rusted way almost beyond fixing, a failure I am...

Again, I gratefully thank you and look forward from Cypress Dahlia and everyone C&C in future drawings. Love ya all~X33

Many thought it was a cigarette but it turns out otherwise XDD I also the same thought of it..

I gratefully thank you for your generous comments and critiques dearest friend X33
Yeah, I did noticed it after many times looking back at it and thought of making another new one which is will be later...

My skills totally rusted this whole time, need dome space to enjoy Life and Scenery to lighten up the stress and burden that plague me...

I hope to make vast improvements when I'm returned X33 Epic thanks Man X33

Greetings everyone and Peace Be Upon Each of you Aminn~

Haha, I think many shall focused on seeing the picture that I uploaded and yes, your eyes didn't deceive you, it's the Commander Manga that I've been telling everyone.

It will be debuted this Christmas somewhere around 25th to 27th December, not long now XDD Some of it you see here, is REJECTED (only some) and the rest will be uploaded online during the launch, just mixing it up to masked the real one that hidden X33

Although I didn't expect my Manga shall meet everyone expectations BUT I'll try my best for you all X33

I already finish most of it, and I gratefully thank you for your responses, critiques, comments, supports and faves etc etc..
This is a Christmas Gift to everyone, please be patient for my next announcements X33

See ya laters and thanks X33