Hello guys..My name is LordSyafiq from Malaysia and I'm new and also an oldtimer in Old MT here... so, I hope we can know each other better well...hehehehe..Ahem!! Well let's look at the recent arts...here goes...:-


Greetings everyone,

Hope everyone alright back there and i pray to the Almighty to bless each one of you all Aminn...*prays*

I have return yet again after a period of silence and as you've predicted, not new but 2 month old recently artwork and scan it for everyone to see what I do in my secret drawings these days X33

Finalized penciling design of Force Commander Romanov and one of the Main Secret Drawing Project which I silently draws to complete the overall process. So, I'll exposed the penciling version of it and hopefully it can gives everyone an insight on what I do these days...

OK, let's move on... I use 2H, H and HB pencil to perform on the B5 size paper. Took 2 days without decent sleep and manage to complete it... This is the full version of his armored sarcophagus where he was assassinated, confined in and become the Commander. (like a Dreadnought in Warhammer 40K - Dawn of War) I used 2 songs that is Command & Conquer Red Alert The First one - Hell March and Kagamine Rin - Kokoro (Vocaloid) which suitable for the drawing.

I noticed he's like a Golem or a Dwarf style by the looks of it and way heavies (heavy)....Well, already too late as I already colored and inked it secretly in 3 version... I'd say (to myself) a tough one to be taken down....O.o My apologies for my scanning quality....TTwTT

References that I used are listed here:-
1. Optimus Prime
2. Killzone 1, 2 and 3
3. Gundam Seed and Destiny.
4. Megaman X Command Mission
5. Dawn of War 2 Retribution.
6. Starcraft 2 - Wings of Liberty
7. Mecha Musume Designs.
8. Shogun 2 Total War
9. Gundam Astray Red Frame & Blue Frame.
10. Command & Conquer - Generals & Zero Hour

He appeared in my Secret Online Manga named Commander as the Main Character. The Main Character full name is Romanov Von Castillien, a Force Commander of the Liberty Faction, a small ragtag army who opposed the Imperial rule which have betrayed them and hunt them down across the Galaxy..

Several of my other arts:-

Other recent and old arts can be found here:-

Well I'll see you all laters, I'll upload the cast of characters that involved in the Manga sometime later. I gratefully thank you very much from everyone responses~~X33