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First off... nothing personal for anything i say. I'll say it in advance. Sorry.

1st Pic: i love this one. it is a little pale though (it doesn't stand out)... darken some lines. The face could be worked on, you can learn side view anywhere, though.

2nd Pic: Good, (looks a little sloppy, lol) but the eyes are kinda far apart. The fingers on the hand also, where's the middle finger?

3rd Pic: The feet are kinda small, the eye burn doesn't go all the way down... the fist looks a little awkward. Could use some work.

4th Pic: Shading and the left hand... Great though!!!

5th Pic: Wait a second.. ... ... this is my request!!!! Okay then, i don't know how to judge it... it isn't really an original charecter, sry...

6th Pic: Wings need more detail, and shading needs more.... ... ... shading! Good Drawing

7th Pic: You seem to be good at zombies, i didn't find any flaws..

8th Pic: Good.. do you forget to shade? lol. Need to darken lines that weren't erased...

After criticizing your artwork (sry if your mad at me) i think that you are better than i originally thought. Great artist, Bravo!!!
in most my works i rarely to never shade in my work because i hate the way i do it lol

as for #3 its a chibi so i thot i should make the feet really smal

n thx for the critique ^^..im not mad at all i expect ppl to b honest..but let me remind u ive only been drawing for about 4 months now (=