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Thread: Emeatant Art C&C

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    Emeatant Art C&C

    Hey a lot of you wont remember me or have no idea who I am but most of you dont even to open the thread here you have these two....

    This one is a pencil sketch of an atempt of dinamic jumping boy...

    sorry for the knee, for some reason the scanner didnt pixel it... technology great until it

    Here is another atempt of dinamic perpective but some how...mmm you be the judge

    Uploaded with

    So here it is my first post... hope for a lot of comments and critics...XD

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    ok first the boy:

    if it's dinamic, why is the missing knee so low? dinamic means overdramatic. Also the lowered hand should be out more, as boys don't jump like a pencil. The lower foot looks like it's on the ground, so push it up behind the ankle more. Push that foot's knee to the forefront to add a little bend. start with that... it's the foundation.

    As for the girl:

    Follow through with motion. You have a pretty dinamic pose and the hair shows that she just turned arround, so don't forget the sleeves. They should be twisting that way too... Other than that, that pic is pretty good.

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    First let me say this looks sweet! I'm not going to try to critique all of it, but just a couple of things I noticed: I really like the boy's pose! Like a lot, but I feel like there's something off with the chin. His face seems to suggest that he is looking up more in which case I think we need to see more of the underside of his chin. If you want to leave the chin the same his facial features could be moved down some/his nose and eyes could be moved closer to the mouth.

    Your hands are also pretty good (I struggle with hands myself), but I think theres something off with them in both pictures. In the first one the hands seem to be different sizes. The fist is actually closer to us, but it's smaller. Also the fingers on the hand reaching up could use some tweaking. With the girl it's the knuckles that are screwing you over - mainly in the pinky finger and in the middle finger (i think you forgot a knuckle O_O). Also her eye is a little crooked, or it could just be me.

    Anyway, otherwise it looks awesome! I love the movement in the poses and the perspective of the girl. Keep it up! Give me more!!!


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