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Thread: Marsrover Improved? (slightly NFSW)

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    Marsrover Improved? (slightly NFSW)

    So, I kinda learned shading. (yay) How to do shading is really a well kept secret it seems, no tutorial really shows how to blend colors between skin tones or shadows that well. (which is why mine look bad) Anyway, please give me some feedback on this. Spent 1 night and like 2 hours the next day to finish this.

    My oppinion is I didn't spend enough time on the legs.
    And normaly I don't draw slightly nude stuff. Also, I haven't looked at P00rn ever so i'm kinda geusing here.
    EDIT: On second thought after reading how to do ears and stuff. I'm TOTALY doing it wrong.
    Think I'll be coming back to the ears. Clean up the legs. Other improvements. So I hearby mark this a WIP.
    Still could use some C&C, only been drawing for a few months.
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