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Thread: Drawing on tablet

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    Drawing on tablet

    Is it ok to start drawing on tablet? I find it more useful: easy erasing, layers, pens & pencils whatever you want...but I don't know if I should return to drawing on paper or it's just a matter of getting used to drawing digitally. The main problem is that I have to look at the monitor, while my hand is going on its own, lol .

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    There's nothing wrong with using a tablet - I use my tablet to draw all of my comic pages, and (from experience) it's a lot easier than doing it traditionally because, uh, there's no Ctrl-Z in real life... just erasers and white-out, which have their limitations :P

    On the other hand, there's nothing wrong with pencils either - sketching with a pencil is much more satisfying than with a tablet.

    So yeah, uh, do whatever works for you.

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    Drawing either way is fine. There's no right and wrong way. In the end, it all just boils down to which one you're most comfortable with.

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    I agree with Rio. But I'd say it's still a good idea to practice with both if you want to take commissions, so that you have more opportunities to gain clients.


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