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Thread: New Manga ideas with no titles

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    Wink New Manga ideas with no titles

    Thier are rich ppl in and thier are poor ppl in the country of Ladrones Atterizaji where a bucnch of thiefs live and commune with each other one thief especially valando halcon or halcon volado (couldnt figure out which one to use yet) he uses a technique that uses his energy force like a ying yang thing with both hands the light one energy to attack and give energy and the dark one uses energy to defende and steal energy from the opponent.the town stea rich evil snobby towns to support thier own the thiefs who make it big get to live in area where only the most legendary thiefs live and gets thier name on the wall of fame of thiefs which is just a big wall with a bunch of bounty picture on it he hopes one day to be on that walls which is filled with billionaire bounties and get the highest amount of money and bounty then all of them.He also has a japanese friend Okami Senshi who comes from a long line of samurais put out of work by ninjas in japan so hes has moved to a mexico like country and opens a sword fighting dojo and is taught by his father how to fight with a katana.the next character is a petty thieft who controls fire becuase of his pyro circus techniques and other circus like objects but is really weak joins them.and a girl amissa kobito who secretly loves halcon volando or valondo halcon,but also loves the other three for different traits and doesnt know which one to pick so she waits until one of them comes out and tells her until then she deosnt say anything she is a expert with knifes (like a ninja)and healing.Takes place in a old western mexican type setting.they all join up and make a gang like in the old western days and go across the country stealing to start thier own country,get rich,or the one i said before(really cant decide which one yet).I might call banditos or something like that.

    the next one is about surfing a high school student Shojo Masuta is scared of the water but is a neighboorhood tough guy that has no friends, but onegirl who has been friends with him since he was a kid named mizuki hanaka who is the only friend he has ever had and the only one who can get to his soft on a school vaca they go to beach which is his lkeast favorite place becuase of his fear for water but going to the beach he sees a girl who is the most beautiful girl he has ever see (which is another of his weaknesses).so he geos in the water to talk to her without think he sees a guy with a surf board so he knocks him off and surfs really good trying to get to the girl and gets ppls attentions the girl also. but when she tells him how good a surfer he is but by her telling him this he realizes he is on water and panicks and starts to drown,then passes out.he soon wakes up to see two faces, his friend and the girl in the water and they tell him he almost drowned and they had to save him.the girl in the water tells him how good he wasat surfing and says she would like to see him again and hugs him upon this he accidently puts his face on her breast and turns red with a bloody nose and his old friend hits him and they go home.long story short he learns how to swim gets into a accident surfin leaving him stuck in the water and is saved again by a mysterious man the man tells him he would like to teach him the ways of surfing and love.and then he teaches him about girls and surfing.-the end I might call it surfing matsuta

    The third one is a fighting manga with a boy martial art passed on from his father and travels around the world to claim his right to having the strongest martial art in the world.might call it one under the sun

    sooooo........what do you think about my ideas?

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    and i also thouht of making him use different guns with the power he alrady has one is a weak gun that makes ppl pass out and one isstrong gun with bullets with no tips hit th body like a truck punched him and the other two turns his power to create ying yang bullets.thier names in order would be ictu gun,gutta gun,and dans and mango.

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    Please, try to write it properly; not everyone in here has English at mother language, so is even harder for them to understand you.

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    you spelled their(there or there are...) wrong A LOT of times lol I am starting to think you can not spell it correctly

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    Hey man keep all your ideas in your original thread

    And second of all whats the motivation for these people wanting to get rich, start a country etc. And if a Samurai is dismissed(by ninjas?) from service that means he has failed to bring honor to his code and would have to commit seppuku(ritual suicide) to redeem honor. So it wouldn't really make sence to have him open up his own dojo with is father, who would also be ashamed of his son.

    The surfing one sounds cool, except why would he grab some other dudes surf board and go surfing, like completley randomly with no motivation, if he knows full well he can't swim lol Also give some backstory on your main charecter like why is so afraid of water?

    Third story needs more detail like, charecter info, motivation, etc.
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    i have a slow keyboard so all the words dont come out right.


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