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Thread: Fenn's artwork: now with 100% more manga!

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    It's time. MANGA TIME! I finally got arounds to uploading some of my manga. I'll admit most of this is old and the images are probably not in chronological order.

    - A lot of these are old and they probably aren't in the order I drew them.
    - I took pics of them with my phone's camera. The quality is low.
    - Nothing is inked. Just pencil.

    With that in mind, I'd absolutely LOVE critiques, complements, anything you have to say! Also, if you have any suggestions for stuff you'd like to see, I'm in need of some new ideas. I already had someone suggest a solar flare spacescape so anything goes here.

    Anyway, to the art!

    Some faces I did a few years back:

    An interesting character. I wonder what his name is?

    Some creature work. Some of it's old, some is from within a year:

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    everything's fine and you seem to know the basics, all you have to learn now is what size should be the face inside the whole head, size of eye and size of nose bridge and stuffs like that.

    before I start, note that in reality there's no such thing as a symmetrical face. so this could be different if your aiming for different style, but as I can see, I see so much of my past drawings similar to yours,

    placement of everything seems to be good except mouth seems to be too far from the nose.
    shape of the face is far too wide comparison to the [eye, nose, mouth]
    try and make some shadow shading to know how to define the whole face in and know it's shape. for more information go and look for "how to draw anime and game characters volume 1" and download it and read it.

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    Thanks ram! I've always had trouble orienting the face on the head. I think it has to do with my lack of experience and ability to visualize in 3-D. I'm drawing as if it's a flat plane.

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    Much delayed, but the solar flare spacescape requested by...someone i can't remember:


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