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Thread: SaiMoe Tournament Season 2 End

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    SaiMoe Tournament Season 2 End

    SaiMoe Tournament Season 2 [Round 1]

    Seeding 1

    Atemi Summer[Matt]
    Age: 15
    Likes: Ice cream, the beach, Sierra
    Dislikes: Sierra's aunt
    Short bio: Atemi works at an ice cream shop at the local beach. She owns a Porsche that she won through a drawing, but she's too young to drive it. Loves her little sister, hates anyone who hates her.


    Isis Meuth (Mew*th)[Ceruleandreams]
    She's a bubbly neko-girl with a passion for music. She was first inspired by the Meow Mixx Commercial (Meow Mix Song). She now aspires to become a famous singer someday, but for now simply loves to chant and climb trees.
    Music, singing, yarn, tuna, nice dogs, trees.
    Rainy days, sad movies, goodbyes, mean people, and disappointment.

    Seeding 2

    Kyoshka[Obitual Crow]
    Likes: Sharp objects, hitting people and leaving them half dead, Alcoholic beverages
    Dislikes: Hot/humid places, obstructive areas


    Age: 13
    Likes: Soft, fuzzy clothes; being around people
    Dislikes: Stuffy, formal things; loneliness; uncomfortable clothing

    Seeding 3

    Name: Lil Peony [Lady K]
    Age: 12 yrs
    Character: She is not afraid of work but she does like to sleep. Also has a quick temper which passes away pretty soon but gets her into enough trouble as it is.
    Her Story: Lil Peony lives in the Land of Ngwap. She's in charge of taking care of all the peonies in her family's garden. The peonies supply her with dew, pollen and petals, which she uses to make into Peony Fragrant Wine. Her family has been wine brewers since the first bloom which is a long long long time ago. She is the only daughter of Mr and Mrs Peony.
    Likes: Peonies, sugar cane crystals, sleeping, talking to Sila the Snail and Kimpi the Ladybug.
    Dislikes: When Papa fall asleep while telling a story, Mama's snake grass soup and losing her temper.


    Victoria[Lady K]
    Age: 16
    Character: Her dad is an inventor and her mom is an explorer so unless she goes down to the labs to visit her dad, she seldom sees her parents. She spend most of her time tinkering around the house. She has a governess providing her care and education but most of time Victoria just try to hide from her.
    Likes: tinkering, reading, experiments, music, tiny explosions and toffee.
    Dislikes: Governess, learning how to speak in french, allergies and margarine.

    Seeding 4

    Age: 15
    About: Xeres is a young girl living in a modern city. Her favorite colors are green and lilac. She likes to pick flowers and tow them home in a huge tote bag so she can make crafts with them. She also makes fabric flowers based on what she picks by dipping fabric in paper mache paste. She loves nature, but also enjoys the comforts of technology.


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