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Thread: Lineless stuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Distorted_Dirk View Post
    there's no black outline, like in normal drawings.
    that's what I meant by "lineless"
    Atelier art style don't use lines at all, everything is drawn in value, so there is no "Normal drawing" like stated already. Also there are no lines in life its only our perception that something is a line. The problem is your not separating your darkest dark from your lightest light, everything is staying one or two values which gives no definition.
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    I think value sketching is the type of tutorial your needing to read, hey wait!
    distorted dirk has been dead for so long. why is the comments keep coming now?

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    Here's a comment: I often get the irresistible urge to flap my arms and eat handfuls upon handfuls of birdseed. Rawwwk!

    ... Er, um. Pardon. No idea what came over me. As to drawing with values... what they said.

    ... Except that manga uses ink, so you might want to be hatching. But, well, yeah. >_>


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