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Thread: Lineless stuff

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    Lineless stuff

    So I started experimenting with lineless artwork.
    and to clarify, i mean "lineless" as in no black outline.

    what do you people think?
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    Well if it was lineless, I dont think you'd see the outlines of the nose and clavicles and pectorals, but more like shadows that are caused by them.

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    there's no black outline, like in normal drawings.
    that's what I meant by "lineless"

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    ohhh. mah baadd. ovo;

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    its kool. no sweat.

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    I kinda agree with Josh. The effect isn't as strong with the lines defining details like the clavicles. The method you're using now is still quite interesting, but I think if you used shapes instead of lines, you could make some cool graphic effects reminiscent of Samurai Jack, et cetera.

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    I'm FAR too lazy to do anything like that, but it's an interesting idea. I'll look into it--maybe try some practice sketches using only shapes and shadows.

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    in your heart

    lol... just imitated you.. actually i just remove the line layer on my manga page 2...
    and this is what it looks like.. i don't really understand what your trying to do though...
    if you see something that looks good you can just ask me how i did it
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    Im not trying to do anything
    it was just for fun
    and okay kool

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    I need some good tips/pointers

    so i really want to become a better artist
    anyone have some tips???
    also, heres what i can make so far with the talent (haha yeah right) i have right now
    i use a mouse


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