Wasn't expecting so much answers to be honest...

Well, I can say I already tried out many things you people suggested. When I was still suffering after my failures and bashing I got at the picture I posted for critique somewhere else and couldn't take pencil for a long time, the thing I did the most was lurking around tutorials, so I can say I've had enough of them... pretty much.

Watching other people's work... yeah, that one too. I read some webcomics, and also look for tricks to learn in advanced pictures around this site, but I also like to wander around the net and look at the pictures worse than mine. Great way to pump up self-esteem. A bit selfish way, but hey!

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I must humbly disagree and stand by what I said earlier. While you can be unhappy or happy with your result, if you don't distance yourself from your work you won't be able to accept criticism properly. If you do so then you shouldn't ever feel like a failure as an artist just because one piece doesn't work.
Yeah, but it's kind of a different story when you repeatedly fail several projects instead of breaking one picture. When I suffer this, a phrase inevitably echoes in my head "You fail at drawing".
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It seems to me that considering this is your 5th drawing, you've made progress (as far as I know). the only things that seem to catch my eye are the folds and those straight lines.
Cloth folds are my biggest pain in drawing. Even hands and feet are something I can deal with, but folds... I can't understand how to lay them for the heck - here I was laying them blindly. And don't even get me started about the tutorials please... I've read a LOT of them about folds, and still can't get it no matter what.

As for the straight lines, I was aware limbs are not supposed to be like this... but any attempts to fix that have ended with failure. I've erased and redrawn them several times, trying to curve these lines realistically, but all my efforts to do so resulted in whole thing looking like garbage, so I've given up and left it as it is. Seems fixing it was too much for me this time.
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For instance, you might want to watch out of the arms, as one is longer than the other here. The lower legs are too long compared to the length of the thighs, and I would suggest wider shoulders.
I usually don't make such mistakes as the one with arms but... check the picture - you see that bulky thing on her left (right in the picture) wrist? I think that's the reason I messed it up. I was thinking about it all the time while drawing arms. As for the shoulders, I can't see what's wrong with them. Seems right to me.

Well... the problem is I actually don't know how to practice. Everywhere I ask, I hear "draw systematically". Draw what?! Other people's pictures? My own characters? Other people's characters in different poses? Unanimate objects? Portraits? Specific sections of characters? Items? Real life objects?

Oh, and speaking of which... I can do imo very good sketches of objects from real life (didn't try whole sceneries) but I absolutely despise it - that's not how I like drawing. The whole magic in this art for me is the possibility to CREATE, not RECREATE - to put into existence something from imagination. Recreating objects from my sight is just plain boring, stupid and I hate it... not to mention it doesn't have anything in common with my target style.

The style I'm attempting to achieve is as "clean" as possible without too much detail. That's how much I know at the moment.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up. I gotta say mangatutorials is far more friendly than the forum I visited earlier... which kinda puts my country to a shame :/ Here at least I got some suggestions with the critique, whereas the first time the only thing I heard was in short "This sucks, that sucks, everything is crap. I'm not telling this to offend you, it's pure truth. You got your critique. Happy?"