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Thread: The Greatest Mangakas

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    The Greatest Mangakas

    I can't believe there weren't any threads like this yet...

    I think Oh! Great ,Yukimura Makoto, Tsutomu Nihei and Naoki Urasawa are great candidates...

    EDIT: since the point of this thread is completely vague (sorry, my bad), i'm going to add this here:

    the thing we're doing here, is to nominate mangakas who can be described as successful, now being successful here means that they were able to develop a manga or two that can be widely recognized as a great success in their own field (eg. all the people in the current list.) and discuss the reasons they were able to do this, like what they did, how did they go about doing it, what got them started, etc. in other words, people who were able to achieve their aim completely, something that (supposedly) all of us want to do. and before you ask, no, achieving an aim of doing a two page manga with blank panels is not called success...
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