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    well thanks.. actually i've been having real life as reference as well cloudy-swhaaaan..
    but not the face though.. =_= just the body atleast... in real life there are too many lines in the clothes so i think i'll stick with reference from eroge cg and wallpapers...

    here just edited page 3... >.< it looks better now i think.....
    and took your advise.. it might still not be what you think that would improve but I'll work on that..
    and i haven't edited the library scene because it's too much work but i will get on that in time...

    i'm changing my page 5 into this position... it looks better this way... and i think i like this posing better... got it from posemaniacs.. >.< still working on it though... but still want to know you opinion

    just compare the past images to these images and if you think i'm not improving tell me now.. but don't expect that i'll put my pencil down forever... lol
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