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Thread: Zekester's Art - Angelborn

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    I looked into it and it actually WAS on full color lol I'd better try the contrast though.

    Yes, her name is Nova. She's the shy one in the Irasii (Earth) team.

    1 year ago

    half year ago

    Just thought about adding some colored ones in the mix
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    Oh, wow. I could never do a multi-character shot like that beach one. :O You definitely have some patience, and that will definitely pay off later in your art. I can already see how that has effected you positively through now (the angel wing details, for example). I also like all the diverse hairstyles you used back then. I'd like to see you try drawing the same scene with all the new skills you have now!

    And hmm, what did you use to color these? The colors seem a little bit blurry and look like maybe pastels? Anyway, I would suggest that you try to use harder lines in your coloring to make your shapes become more bold and help them stand out more.

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    The first one, I was at school and didn't have the right materials handy, so I ended up drawing with a pencil & crayons (the only things available at the time). the second was a little more complicated. I did the drawing with pencil, then colored it w/ color pencils, then colored it AGAIN w/ oil pastels. btw, the the first one is obviously faded, so idk if you can see it ALL.
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    I'm gonna try to do that beach scene again just for the heck of it, Seef.

    In the meantime, can I get some pointers on my digital art, too?

    Zenaku, in Suutarim form
    Zenaku Muraki (Final Form)

    Random drawing of Kora

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    Owwwww. It sad, i had this odd glare too before, but it's fix after I use full color. Maybe you need to googling to find solution for that.

    You really like angel's wing don't you?

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    Your angel wings are nice. They look believable which is something difficult to achieve when drawing wings so good job.
    I suggest you work on your figure/ gesture work. Try to make the bodies of your characters feel abit more natural, curves, loose gestures ect. I know males are less like this than females, but they still have it to an extent.

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    I'm liking the detail in these pictures, try filling out your figures a bit more, don't be afraid of giving them some luscious curves (all in the right places of course) I'm noticing lack of hips and waist, this is a must for a girly character hour glass figures are very nice with your male and female characters I would say look at some muscle pictures and learn the different muscles in the body and practice drawing them every muscle gives a different shape to the body. keep up the good work.

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    Thanks all. Let's see where I go with that.

    @Reset: Nah, it's ok, I fixed it. It was the way I had it placed in the scanner. huh, weird. and the reason behind the wings is that it's a concept in my story, sooo~ yeah I practice it a lot

    @ Scarletlight: I agree, and I thought i had that down XD oh well.

    @Cloudy-Chan: I get a little lost in terms of placement when it comes to curves. I've also been told I tend to exaggerate sometimes. But I'll try. Thanks!

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    Bear in mind this was drawn on the fly and I did NOT stop drawing until it was finished, regardless of mistakes (wherever they are.) Felt good, actually.

    This one's not finished, but I'm just concentrating on the woman in the middle for now.
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    more body proportions practice. You have quite some imagination...BUT more face and body practice. Your faces look a bit flat and....well...they all look alike, the only differences is hair,hair color and eye color. Still its good.
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    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.


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