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    Zekester's Art - Angelborn

    Hey-lo dudes and dudettes, I started drawing about three years ago, and I started drawing in shading just last year. I'm making slow progress, so there's no major changes, but anything is possible.

    I've made some progress (as far as I know) from when I was last here from who-knows-when. I would like some advice on where I need more "training" per se. My scanner gives the drawings this odd glare which doesn't come off that well with changes in brightness. ah well. hope you can see it.

    Old sketchbook:

    one of the early posters from the beginning

    "stages" I had for my main character, Zenaku, before I removed them

    A concept of a major character in Angelborn, Nariko Salvani
    Nariko Shinaya (Non-blurry)

    Another concept I made a couple months after the first
    Nariko (new style)

    New Sketchbook:

    Not sure why I drew this one. ah well.

    I was playing around with wingspan

    Zenaku, Dante, and Nova from Angelborn

    Keitaro eating a fruit that tastes like a cookie
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