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Thread: Kat's Cave of Critique (Hah! Alliteration!) (Of Art)

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    Kat's Cave of Critique (Hah! Alliteration!) (Of Art)

    Hi all O: /waves I'm Kat. Welcome to my little cave. Come in, come in. It's a bit messy, but...I hope it's okay for you. I would offer you something to drink, but you might spit it out after you see my stuff, so. Ahem. Onwards we forage.

    1. WIP. Does anybody know how to fix the awkward anatomy? ;_; I've tried for...hours >_> I EVEN DREW THE MODEL THINGY UNDER IT. and it didn't work T__T

    Anything else would be helpful as well 8D;;

    2. Not WIP, but just a quick little sketchy thingy I did in about an hour or so:

    Uhu. Please don't laugh at me u_u;
    PS. Is the size too big? If it is, I can fix it ^^;

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    Hey, welcome to MT!

    I like the pose on the first one. It's really playful and fun. I know what you mean about "feeling" the awkwardness but not being quite able to identify it. My suggestion to you would be to flip the canvas horizontally to see what might be having a hiccup. :>

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    the main problem with the first one i think is that from the bottom of the shorts upward the character looks pretty much front on, but then the legs look like they are walking to the side i suggest simply changing the feet so that they are front on and that the character is simply standing or walking forwards. as at the moment i think you are just a slight bit confused on which way the character is going.

    hope i helped. if you need anymore help i could possibly redline.



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