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Thread: ---------------My current work traditional and Digital----------------

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    ---------------My current work traditional and Digital----------------

    Hello everyone! i i been looking on here for a while and i guess decided to sign up ^_^ well ill introduce myself first im 17 always been into art since i was young and had a tablet since i was 14 but only really since last september started using it i hope to one day become a concept artist =D so im going to hopefully update this page with all my latest work. any comments or advice will be very much appreciated.

    First up ill show some of my traditional works

    Anatomy study

    Painting in style of artist

    self portrait in van gogh style

    Digital works

    Iron man digital drawing/ painting

    painting of Neytiri from avatar.

    Star wars digital painting of clone trooper

    Rinoa and squall from Final fantasy ( dont really like this but ahwell)

    Here is my current WIP its a futuristic concept ive come up with the shoulderpads contain nuclear energy which enhances the bodys capabilities nuclear energy has become standard in a world without fossil fuels

    any advice on my current WIP would be appreciated =D

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    Question: do you want to keep an impressionistic style or not? Your art can go either way so the only advice I can give is that if you are not going for impressionistic qualities, then you should really tighten up your lines and if you are, then you should go all the way and not make it hard for viewers to figure out what style you're going for. It's very conflicting otherwise.

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    Previous to my latest work in progress i was using corel painter and i tended to use the smudge tool a lot which softens up the lines quite a bit with my latest piece i am working a bit loose around the body at the moment but ive tried to keep it tight round the head and the shoulder, im not really aiming for a specific style im trying to paint more realistic but i guess at the moment its more of a semi realistic style but with my latest work i am going to try hard to tighten up the lines.

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    Ooh, yeah. The smudge tool is awfully dangerous. For people still learning about shape in digital art, I always advise against smudging, blurring, dodging, and burning.

    Right now it seems like you're going the right path with developing the shapes, but you're getting too excited and skipping all of the tightening and cleaning-up steps in the middle. This is probably best illustrated by your Tron WIP. The shapes are off to a good start, but then you jumped way, way, way ahead and added the tiny light details with the airbrush on the arm and the details on the helmet. Do this at the very last part, because you still have a long way to go.

    You can see here that starting out with massive shapes is fine, but you have to be sure to take the time to do the steps in between to get the result that you want.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

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    yeh your digital painting is impressive. Like everyone has said though id advice you choose a direction and stick to it, middle grounds are (although unique) confusing to alot of viewers.

    The main thing is to get all the tonal stuff completly finished before adding in the details. I get picked up on alot for doing it myself so i know its tempting. But when all the toning is perfect first the end result is much better.


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