Sup guys. If you're in the UK you might already know about this, but if you're not here's a quick synopsis.

"A new legislation that has been rushed through parliament with no thought has now reached royal assent. This legislation means that photographers and illustrators alike will see their artworks legally taken and used for another's own gain.

Unless your works are registered or plastered with a watermark, anyone can use your copyrighted work for their own commercial and personal gains provided they have made a small effort to search for the original owner. If no owner can be found, they are free to do with it whatever they want.

There is nothing to stop people simply removing data embedded in digital files and pleading ignorance to the original author of the work."

Originally they were asking for 10,000 signatures, which we reached and went above, finally aquiring 28,035 signatures. It was sent to parliament and alot of fancy dance work went around before the courts finally decided that hurdurr they need 100,000 signatures. So basically i'm asking you guys as fellow artists, please sign this petition.

Here's the link.

Also, please share this link with anyone/anywhere you see fit.

<3 Thanks guys <3