'Mmmmkay, so I have a week to finals, and then I'll leap right into Summer. So, as I was sitting in class today, I thought about improving some of my manga. Now there is one thing you should know - out of every manga idea I created, two are sequels to another one. Now, out of these three, I believe the first is 'good', the second is 'okay', and the third is my best manga idea. The sad part is, I didn't pay much attention to the antagonists in this. I know it's probably standard to introduce a sub-antagonist or a rival in the first few chapters, and the 'real' villain about four or five chapters in. Remember, this is still under development, but I expect most people to show me flaws - meaning I don't want too many comments on the positive views of the manga, however I will appreciate it greatly if someone tells me if I'm taking the right path or not. So, without further delay, here's some info on my wretched manga, '+Judgement+':

Main characters:

A failed clone of the best fighter that has ever lived. Sai is not deformed, but just average - so most of the people studying him found no use in him. Sai has a hatred for humanity that cannot be quenched. After slaughtering a mass of people, he decides he will become an 'anti-human', and end humanity.

A robot programmed with destructive capabilities. To protect this from falling into the wrong hands, the programmers decided to tell Pibo to follow the commands of anyone who tells it what is was not capable of not doing - something only the programmers believed they knew. Sai found Pibo in a wreck site, and abruptly told it that it cannot feel emotions. This awoke Pibo, and he became Sai's first companion.

A small skeleton with a black cloak and huge eye-sockets. He was carved out of Sai's soul and separated from Sai after Sai felt anger for the first time. Since Death is a chip of Sai's soul, Sai is able to use him as a doll whenever he feels necessary.

The only human Sai feels sympathy for. Arche was a defenseless orphan living on the streets. When Sai caught sight of him, he understood that he wasn't living - he was just surviving. Sai felt it necessary to have Arche live a good life before death, and took him under his wing. (Arche is actually Nakala in disguise.)


Fear is one of the three plague-creatures. Fear has no shape, and usually takes the shape of a pitch-black humanoid. Fear is able to transport to places where someone or something feels paranoia, insanity, or fear.

Anger is one of the three plague-creatures. Anger appears as a short and scrawny body hidden behind red and black armor. As anyone in a mile's range grow in hatred, rage, and anger, Anger's body will become more masculine, and he will be able to move faster.

Misery is one of the three plague-creatures. Misery appears as a thin creature with masculine arms, and a purple mask. When people feel sadness, denial, or misery, Misery's body will start growing spikes, which will render most melee attacks useless against him.

Another failed test to revive the world's best fighter. Nakala failed to become the world's best fighter, but was able to mimic anything he thinks of. Nakala dons the disguise of Arche to infiltrate Sai's forces.

-Perfect Ryan:
After many tests, the world's best fighter was cloned perfectly. Perfect Ryan is several times stronger than Sai, and claims he fights to defend humanity, when he is actually slowly destroying it by taking control of the three plague creatures. Perfect Ryan plans to take out all 400 of the failed duplicates before turning on humanity.

(Note: As the story progresses, Sai finds out Perfect's plan, and decides he must take responsibility for that which cannot defend itself - humanity. After this, Sai confronts Perfect and the final battle of the manga begins.)

So that's pretty much it. I'm going to add supporting characters soon, but I just want criticism on the characters and the plot. All criticism will be appreciated. Thanks.