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    Hey, not bad. I like the last one especially. I'd just suggest that you work on your proportions. Sometimes you have a tendency to make the legs a little short.

    Welcome to MT!

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    If you are new to drawing, than the best advice I can give you is not to start with the stylization of the human form, start with basic shapes, draw spheres, cubes, and cylinders as these are the basis of everything in our world including the human form, and the stylization of the human form. Once you are comfortable with doing formal, you should work on stylized shapes, than narrative shape, and finally form based/gesture shapes.

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    Do you have GIMP, Photoshop, or other graphic software? You may want to use the brightness/contrast or leveling tools. It'll pop out the black more and wipe out any stray pencil marks. Here's some tutorials about that:

    CG and Original Lineart
    How to clean up an image for CGing


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