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    "Mirror creatures." Ode remarked as she sat down. "Came out of a mirrored room and tried to take Mr. Anass. Not too bright; they didn't lure all of us in there before attacking. We didn't see any bodies, but then we didn't look too hard." She hissed as Nuru jumped up onto her lap, wrapping his tail around her midriff and digging his claws into her thighs. "They appeared to know who we were due to having watched us through or via mirrors- it was implied they are watching through all mirrors at all times. We killed one, but the shards of it's body melted and subsequently disappeared."

    She paused. "Well, doubtless now all your wizardly suspicions have been confirmed, your experiment giving a fascinating result, all very wonderful stuff- you will be just desperate to pay us and either send us on our merry way or send us on another exciting mission."
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