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    Walk Like an Kemetese (E)

    A bit rushed, but deal with it! Also there's only three of you for now - Zizi, Fail, and Reg. Windy get in touch!

    The last few months have certainly been interesting.

    First there was that global quake that shook the world, and not much else. That was certainly an odd enough occurrence in and of itself, and foreign traders said that some Druids felt it was a sign of something wrong, or soon to be wrong, in Nature. But only a few Druid villages seemed to get really worried or upset. The second tremor was more of the same.

    Then came the word from the Western Kingdoms that Therion, the Doom of Heroes, King of Rape, Worldsmasher, and so on, had been demanding greater
    and more frequent tributes of treasure and women from his conquered territories, that his armies had been on the move, his production of undead increased,
    and that the Doom of Heroes himself had been spotted outside of his lair on at least two separate occasions.

    Oh dear.

    Then Brookhaven, some city out West. What the fuck was that all about? Reports were strangely vague about that. All you knew - if even that little - was
    that Therion did something to the town and everyone died and apparently it's so fucked that no one can even live there anymore. How lovely.
    And then came Doré. The shining bastion of civilization and justice in the West was destroyed by the Worldsmasher. Its princesses taken, its cities smashed,
    the country was in ruins and the survivors few.

    How lovely.

    Then he proceeded to smash Champignon, some small kingdom near Lareaux. Rumors of increased activity among his agents are also rife.

    And the rumors are unclear, but something terrible has happened in the Ardashiri city of Qajar. The stories are horrible and sometimes conflicting, but the general tone suggests that whatever Therion did to Brookhaven his agents had repeated in Qajar.

    Clearly Therion was off on one of his frequent "FUCK THE WORLD I AM AWESOME!" trips.

    Luckily, none of it concerned you directly. Therion rarely fucked with Ardashir, after all.

    Besides, you were just Adventurers, which was a fancy way of saying "mercenaries who don't always just kill people".


    You'd been told that a certain recent immigrant to Al-Uzza had need of services like yours. He was supposedly one of the handful of survivors of Brookhaven, a Wizard of great skill and knowledge. He'd gotten a job for himself teaching at the Great Madrasah, and was already quite famous in the city. The only things, it was said, that surpassed his knowledge and skill were his arrogance and anti-social behaviors.
    But money is money, right? And at least he wasn't a pervert or anything. Not like that horrible Brass Dragon that's always stomping around the city rambling about chairs and staring at womens' chests.


    You were escorted by some apprentice Wizards through the Madrasah to what you assumed was Mr. Weiss' office. The Madrasah, like any respectable school of magic, was full of life. Students arguing over theories, teachers arguing over theories, explosions from poorly cast spells, and occasionally odd sights like that octopus you passed on the way to the second floor which you were told to simply ignore.

    Weiss was seated as you entered his office, which was covered in bookshelves. A strange crystal sat in the corner atop a brazier-like device. Viktor himself seated behind a simple wooden desk.

    "You must be adventurers, then?" He said, clearly disinterested in you. "I hope you're better than the last lot. They're still off on the task I sent them on. They are very nearly as worthless as my students."

    "Which brings me to my task for you. It is very simple. I need you to check in with some students of mine who are out of town on some research. I've not heard from them in some time. I'd do it myself but, alas, my duties here as a teacher deny me the time to travel."

    "They're in an old fortress not too far from the city. About a day's travel, at most. I've taken care of the travel arrangements for you already. I want you to go there, find out why those irresponsible idiots haven't provided me their weekly report, and then come back to me. Simple, no? I imagine even a motley trio consisting of a glorified thug, a roaming savage, and and a half-breed woman who is most likely Horned Society could handle this one, no?" Viktor smiled.

    What a nice man.
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