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Thread: Dylstew's drawings.

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    Dylstew's drawings.

    I've made another thread in the past but forgot my account
    Anyways.... Newest I made yesterday:
    I just cant erase them right without having to shade stuff again....

    This one isn't my character it's haruhi from an anime I never watched.
    I used this picture
    And I succeeded in not making it look exactly the same by just drawing instead of exactly copying

    Nothing special,A face of a char for my manga ,the first one is also a char for it..:


    Garrysmod physgun pose:
    version 2:
    Version 1:

    A girl for my manga and It was about the head...not the body:

    The guy from the first drawing's face front:

    MAin character 1:
    MAin character second drawing:

    Phoenix wright maya fey fanart,I used her standard sprite :P

    Trying to draw eyes failure

    Pose attempt

    Team fortress 2 scout,I was bored:
    Very old manga styled portret

    And when my drawing teacher finally gives it back i'll upload my random bullshit compilation xD(it's so stupid it's funny but it's old)
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    I'll comment on the first pic: hair are strands, so they don't get a sun spot like that. Normally one represents hair shine, with a squiggle. your armpit is too thin (high) and your nose is too far out. The mouth is also crooked. He has no Jaw. Lower the jaw line almost straight.


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