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Thread: Hi I have some work take a look

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    Thanks Outlaw and Jared. Yeah the black on 115 are noticibly not the same size not to mention the outline lines are a bit funky I would Like to work on these characters more so I am definately going to redo 115 and use some better line art. I think on 115 I will try different eyes and maybe do the eyelashes some credit. also add more lines and shadows to the old guy to bring out more dimension in the cheeks, and try moving the eyes a bit closer.

    I was reading earlier about how we are not ready for HD animations, because a lot of freelancers wont be able to have enough capacity in their ram for the enlarged files, rendering and then shrinking to the size they are working on them right now. Do you guys know anything about what screen resolutions are used for vga? i think it is 670x480 but not sure.

    Also, I would like to use a higher res and and put some anti alaising on my pics because well the jaggies look kinda nes'ish imo.

    I made a quick sketch and lined it earlier. Just, thanks everyone for support and help, I want to work hard to make good anime.

    Thanks everyone!

    Edit (12-16-10): Hey so I changed the old guy picture like you guys had mentioned, I moved the eyes a little bit closer by a few pixels, and added some lighting effects and shadowing to the head, and added more lines to the face. I wanted to put more lines in it, but after a point it looked like I was butchering the dimension of it, i dont know. I outlined the girl pic, but have to clean up the old color i used. Really was looking to have a regular cartoon feel to it. let me know how i did and what i could do differently. (Sorry about the grammer)

    Thanks everyone!!!

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    Hey I cleaned up the lines and put some new eyes in 115, what do ya think?
    I'll admit the lines are a little thicker then I would of liked after i finished it, oh well I can try rounder eyes and thinner lines sometime next week.

    Thanks everyone!!!!

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    Hey I'm back, I made this short with Photoshop, but I didn't seperate the construction lines with the layers, was just trying to figure out pen tool, so I ended up converting the image to greyscale to hide the colors that got altered with the anti-alaising I used for the line art. Any ideas are appreciated!!

    Also, thanks to blue dragon, outlaw and everyone that posted on this thread here and on my welcome thread!!

    Sorry if my grammer is off.


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    alright well looks like your coloring is good. A good way to find some tips is to go to this [link='']mark crilleys site on youtube[/link]. this has helped me a lot and it seems to do wonders if your looking for more help.


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