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Thread: Hi I have some work take a look

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    Hi I have some work take a look

    Hey I made this with MSpaint Was a very simple idea My lines are very thick I could of did a better job with the eyes not much shading except below the neck i used a light swamp green and light yellow for the face if you set the pictures total lum to 0 the yellow comes out on the face or in a dark reflection it looks more like a surrealist portrait then anime imo.

    thanks for any imput!!

    edit: Sorry I am still putting online thanks sorry

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    Nice. I can't do anything on computer so it looks great to me.

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    how often do you work on drawing outside of the computer?

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    Not Much. I was reading earlier about how rembrant (forgive my spelling) used to warm up with gesture drawing. I was trying some earlier watching CSI.

    I have some drawings I made using a ball point pen and some lined and unlined fine paper. I drew most of it before I began reading here. I will post it asap, nothing special, was just trying to make somthing that would be easy on the eye.

    Funny thing, I drew a Jigglypuff (from pokemon) on paper and one of the neibours kids called my apartment the moment i finished drawing it! so that was that last night for me.

    I made a sketch earlier today, i havent finished the eyes or much of it but i was going to work on it just been busy today reading.

    thanks for the comments everyone. I hope this pic gives you an idea how I am drawing the lines.

    edit: Here is a completion of 114. There are bigger pics in my gallery, take a look there too, thanks!
    Any comments appreciated!

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    If you draw a lot on your computer I would recommend another software than ms paint. Photoshop, Illustrator are ones that comes to mind but if you want a free software I would recommend GIMP;

    Your picture 114 is much better than the previous two. Tha shading of the eyes makes it more dimensional. I would suggest you try to draw stronger, more confident lines, especially the outlines (lines that separate the whole character from the background). Personally when I draw manga or comic characters I make the outline two or three times thicker than the other lines.

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    alright my professional advice.. if i can give it, is to draw circles for the eyes at least until you are confident that they are the most circuly(...?) that you can do and to try drawing the iris in it. keep posting i think i'll enjoy helping

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    Quote Originally Posted by 274
    until you are confident that they are the most circuly(...?)
    I think you meant "circular" :-)

    But, yeah, I used to draw a lot of stuff on MS Paint back when I was a kid. Mostly Megaman characters for some reason o_O

    You definitely have skill, James. I'd love to see you do some stuff on GIMP, PS, or Illustrator!

    My only critique at this time is that 114's head is very disproportionate. Even for a chibi character, you can do way better with the form and the spacing.

    If they fit your drawing style, I'd say the eyes are fine as-is, but personally speaking, I agree with Jared's critique.

    I hope I was at least a little helpful :-P

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    Hey thanks guys for the helpful info. Ya the eyes on 114 seem to look 2 directions to me... I think the outline i had used for the eyes looks like a sketch still, yeah. And that the eye is a little off in view tends to drift my eye to the upper left corner of the mouth. I will try rounder eyes and see what happends.

    I sketched this earlier today and used line art over the sketch line, added some basic shadows and just a paint bucket for texture. The eyes are not so round but oval, i wanted to give the appearence of an old man, but still see his eyes. Let me know how i can redraw the eyes for this if you have an idea.

    Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hmm...well, I honestly think the eyes on the old guy look frakkin' awesome! My only gripe is the spacing; the eyes are too far apart for my taste. IF, however, this is your intended drawing style, go ahead and ignore what I said :-)

    You gotta add more wrinkles! Put some lines that follow the shape of the eye, and put more emphasized lines on the side of the mouth. Use this for some reference:

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    cicular, yes that was probably the word i was looking for. Anyway just depends on what kind of style you're going for. A great way to start getting better is to draw basic shapes like circles and ovals because the head is basically made up of those shapes


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