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Thread: Sup everybody, Iam Brew

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    Sup everybody, Iam Brew

    Hey i am a 23 y/o college student with a passion for making video games. but i read manga 24/7 some times in class. i can't help i just love it, and by reading so much i started to love the idea of making my own.. lol hopefully that day will come but it's a long way off cause i am a total newb, so any advice, help, are friendly/harsh criticism is welcome.

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    Hey, welcome to the site. Make sure to read the tutorials and post some of your art, it could help you improve.

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    Hey, and welcome to MT.

    I'm in no position to be called a vet, but I did join the old forums before it closed down.
    I actually stopped by here to check how things have been going. I haven't drawn in probably a month(I just can't hold onto a mehcnaical pencil lately; AKA, my stuff being jacked around the clock), so I've probably grown rusty.

    Shame too, I really want to improve my arts. I hope you can do the same for yourself.
    Keep practicing and never be afraid of criticism.

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    welcome to MT dude!
    where are you from if i may ask?

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    Thanks for the welcome and i already started looking at tutorials...

    Yeah i'll work hard at not getting discouraged by criticism, I hope I can have fun making manga

    I am from New Orleans but go to college in Alabama.

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    Hey Brewskay, welcome to the site! If you haven't already posted there, the Critique Corner is usually a good place to get advice on artwork or if you have a general question, the Drawing, Animation & Tutorials section is also a good spot. Oh, and if you like game dev - this may interest you. C:


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