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Thread: Hot Stuff?

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    I was hoping you could supply a reason before I . . . before I . . . Before I got carried away - with - my, my, my - AHHHHHHHHHH!!!

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    Slurpee, your preferences are the definition of the "moe" trope.

    I like cute girls, personally.

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    Descriptive huh
    Quote Originally Posted by Fenn
    You forgot your F in Modesty.

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    Well, I suppose I should elaborate on what I find to be cute. This is more on the side of anime preferences, but I guess it could apply to real life.

    Age: Doesn't matter in anime. Suwako in Touhou is over 2000. Generally, the 10-16 "look."
    Height: Short = cute
    Hair/eyes/etc: Don't care in anime, honestly, though I still like long hair
    Voice: Please, something not annoyingly high-pitched. It's okay to a certain extent.
    Clothing: I divide "cute" and "sexy" into different groups. Therefore, modest clothing is my favorite. Shoulders/thighs revealed is fine (i.e. Delph's avatar).
    Personality: I don't actually like the common "moe" girl who is either shy or annoyingly loud, clumsy, and helpless in a fight. I prefer socially apt or slightly shy to the stereotype, I have no stance on clumsiness, and I think it's rather awesome when a girl can fight (i.e. Higuarshi, Touhou, every story I've ever written).

    In anime/manga, I love that kind of thing. In real life, I still like it, but I don't think about anything romantic about it. I just look and think, 'That's cute.' (No, I don't look to the point where it's creepy)
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    Kind of the same preferences as Delph (2nd paragraph) though I would hate to be in a relationship with a submissive person or someone who's wishy-washy. More details:
    - I don't have a preferred race but I tend to prefer darker-haired guys and who have some color to their skin (I tend to see pale guys as being sickly and unhealthy)
    - Continuing with hair: Hair doesn't matter. You can be bald or have a ton of it. Body hair on the other hand... err, too much and I'll run the other way. D:
    - Have to have a sense of humor (but also know when to not crack a joke)
    - Body type: any type is fine just as long as they are not anorexic or overly obese. Body-builder type muscles are also a turn-off.
    - Has to be at least my height or taller though I wouldn't want someone towering over me.
    - Must have good hygiene (yeah, this is important for the ladies)

    ...and no, I don't really care for long walks on the beach.

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    I love submissive people who do everything I want. Nothing's worse than a girl putting up a fight while you try to forcefully have intercourse with her without her consent without restraints of any kind.
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    Sylux that's your second warning I forgot to tell you about the first one but I'm sure you can put the clues together and figure out where you went wrong. I'm counting on you little buddy.

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    *totally copying Matt's template give or take*

    In men:
    Personality: Sweet, but not wishy washy; intelligent, but can't be one of those smarter-than-thou type people, who are always trying to shove their intelligence in your face; compassionate; good sense of humor
    Age: 20-23
    Hair: Blond or very dark brown/black
    Religion: I would prefer atheist, but as long as they aren't trying to convert me, then I guess anything is fine.
    Political side: Liberal Democrat
    Style/fashion: I don't really care as along as it's not sloppy.
    Race: Doesn't matter.
    Body type: Either average or muscular(not body builder), I prefer muscles though. <3
    Face: I can go either way on this one. I like both very masculine and very feminine faces, whichever suits the person.
    Height: Just taller than me. Not a hard standard to meet since I'm only 5'. xD

    In women:
    Personality: see above + strong, and not easily persuaded.
    Age: 18-20
    Hair: Long and brown/blonde. *-*
    Religion: see above
    Political side: see above
    Style/fashion: Good fashion sense is a plus!
    Race: Doesn't matter.
    Body type: Thin, but somewhat curvy. *-*
    Face: Cute and doll-like
    Height: Short than me, to maybe 4 inches taller.

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    *Does the same*

    Age: XKCD put it best. At least 1/2 my age + 7, no older then my age and a half.
    Height: Shorter then me. Not by much though. Don't want to date people too short, as I'm not all that tall.
    Hair/eyes/etc: Long and blonde, though not necessary at all.
    Voice: Never really considered at all. As long as it isn't really whiny and high pitched I suppose.
    Clothing: I don't care what people say, glasses ARE cute.
    Personality: As long as we share interests, I'm good. It's nice if they like to read as it's a constant conversation piece. Oh and no Republicans.
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