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Thread: Bleach: Awesome or Poo

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    Never. It's like a bad relationship. Don't get sucked into the lies again saphira! It's just gonna disappoint you again.

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    hehe, thanks for the advice Rio. Guess i'll 'break up' with it and leave it in my laptop for back up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylux View Post
    The musical sounds pretty alright from that vid there. At least, the first minute does.
    Yeah but they shouldve used some original OST's, cuz some of the bleach osts are really awesome...

    And rukia's voice IS rukias voice when you listen to it it's p. cool... she's a good singer...
    And the kurosaki is oke, chads really not puerto ricon at all.. ... also i think the stage shouldve been better but ohwell..

    Also cast got renewed i think.
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    Seriously, there were so many fillers I just stopped watching at episode "I forgot, because I got sick of the fillers"


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