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Thread: The "I can't draw, cuz its giving me a headache" Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by nisaren View Post
    Hmm... this thread sounds a lot like the one above it. I'm going to reiterate some of what I said in the other thread.

    First about stress... I often feel stress when attempting to draw. Stress by definition is the body's reaction to external events or conditions that are different from one's internal expectations. In essence, you have an image in your mind and you want to put it on paper - but are not able. This leads to stress within and every artist experiences this. I doubt that any artist possesses the ability to express exactly what he or she sees in their mind on paper. So every artist feels stress to a degree when drawing.

    I agree with what toast has said earlier on in the thread. You really have to find a method that you enjoy. Everyone is different and as such will find different methods to their liking. Some people may be satisfied with any method as long as they are expressing themselves and working on their art. Others find that they want a certain experience while they produce art. I know that I am the latter.

    Most often I find myself wrestling not only with the art process but the medium that I am using - trying to get it to do what I want. Sometimes you just need to realize the limits of your medium (or your current skill with that medium). People are often extremely skillful in one medium while another presents lots of challenges for them. Someone that is used to using acrylics or gouache may not have the patience to use watercolors, etc.

    So I think people need to find not only a process that they enjoy, they also need to find a medium they enjoy using.
    ^Great post. I just started trying digital art (i posted some stuff in Critique Corner) and the process is so much more enjoyable! I'm learning a new medium, with help from some tus and plenty of self-improve, and it's great! Maybe it will help me with my pencil drawing at some point too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CypressDahlia View Post
    Giant misunderstanding thread.
    nice one cype!! >.< it's a good thing that you,fenn and some others made the topic back lol...

    in the end everything that comes from this topic is just practice....

    "I can't draw cause it's giving me a headache"... well i felt that before actually... but it's just for a moment of time...
    because i always keep some of my old arts somewhere... the time I view that and compare it to the one I'm drawing now... i felt the moment of improvement..

    don't get me wrong I'm still the type to crumble paper and throw it in the trash after i see it's not right,,(all artist do that) but i still keep one drawing every 2 or three months to keep track of what i am....

    so if your not motivated and think your not improving then just look at someone worse than you.... lol just kidding... but sometimes that could lift your heart lol...

    anyway this is my reply to the main topic here

    .. "believe your self that believes in you" by kamina in gurren laggan!!
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    This is a great thread! I'm actually doing a project on "learning how to draw" and looking at why people have a hard time drawing, the challenges they face, the mentality they have, and so on! I would like to do some interviews as well, so if any of you like to participate, please just pm me! Thank you! Now, 5 more pages to read!


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