I don't know, this might be a terrible, terrible idea.

I'm guessing around half of you don't know who I am.

I'm an oldfag on these boards, I was here since it were just a wee babby forum.

However, I was always using these boards to vent and bitch about everything.

And so people started to be cruel to me.
Being the autistic bastard that I was, I blamed all of these people and left the forums.

And now I'm back, for whatever reason, maybe to repent, maybe to troll.

It depends, really.

I only remember a handful of you guys but whenever I see an old name I'm like: Holy fucking shit! You're that guy! And it usually feels good, man.

So I guess I'll stick around for a while at least.

Hey, I guess I'm a newbie now?

TL;DR: Oldfag coming back to where he first was exposed to the intarwebs.