Hi, I'm new here, but I already have an original manga idea and have started writing chapters for it. Thing is, though I'm told I'm great at stories, I suck at drawing!

So here I am, looking for a good artist willing to work with me, who will share the credit with me, and share profit if e eventually manage to make money off of it.

Here is a short idea of my manga:

Humans, beings told of in myths of long ago. The beasts of earth have inherited the planet after the humans disappeared in an event known commonly as "The Rapture". Thousands of races and subcultures crowd the expanded planet, races that were once mere animals, now sentient, aware beings with language, clothing, and their own ways of life ranging from tribal to technological. Meanwhile, insects have grown and evolved to fill the spectrum that beasts once filled.
In these cultures, every beast is born with a weapon either in hand or attatched to them, referred to as a "Birth Arm". Every Birth Arm is has a characteristic that sets it apart, so that not even similar-looking ones are exactly identical. What sets birth arms apart from handmade weapons is that they contain Majik, a mysterious force that can manipulate elements and gives them special abilities.Despite being born with weapons, the Animals do not wage war on one another, though there are minor conflicts here and there. Fighting is more of a sport of honor in this world, and birth arms are otherwise only used for defense or to settle an argument.
Our story begins with four "Siblings", adopted at a young age by Migol, an elderly elephant, and trained by him to fight. These four adoptive siblings leave the remote forest where they were raised to travel the world following the passing of Migol.
They are led by the eldest brother and the main protagonist of the series. Aros, a young lion with a bright red mane, whose birth arm is two gauntlets on his arms that he can manipulate into blades, shields, and more. Aros sets out to rendevous with his brothers and sister, who set out a day before him, at a village near the sea. That is where the story shall begin...

That is all I will describe here. If this idea interests you and you want to learn more, send a drawing of the main character in your style to me and whomever I like best will be my artist. Once we have a few chapters drawn up, we will popst the pages on my deviantart page. If the story gets popular, we'll start selling chapters via paypal, splitting the profits.
Here is a basic description of Aros:

An anthropomorphic lion, aged 18, with red mane (coloring is optional) styled like hair, with bangs. Has a pair of "Cool looking" gauntlets on his hands. The way he dresses is up to your imagination.
Personality, if it helps, is laid back and smart mouthed. No matter who it is, he will talk to jerks in a way that cuts them down to size. He likes to joke around, and is usually calm in most situations.

Okay, all set. If anyone is intertested, send me your drawings either through messages, replies to this thread, or my e-mail at antinoob@cyberdude.com .