Hi, I'm NeoStar! I'll cut right to the chase...

I'm a terrible artist and at first came here tro learn to draw...but then I read that you can just be a writer and still have your ideas brought to life! I heard that the creator of the famous DeathNote series was actually the writer, so now I'm here to find an aspiring manga artist who needs someone to write for him. I have a very original idea for a manga which I won't post here.

That said, I won't be posting an official thread seeking an artist until my own computer comes out of repairs (I'm on a library computer right now). I also have plans to get a translator so that, if I can get an artist, I can also have japanese people see it ( I plan to post the first few chapters free online before charging for it, as you can see, I also have a marketing plan).

Eventually, once we start making money off of it, we'll hire a flash artist or online animator to make a makeshift anime.

I know this is alot of planning and it completely depends on if I can get an artist, a translator, and make the manga popular, but It's always good to dream, isn't it?

Though that is my plan for that project, I hope to eventually be a video game designer.