So uh...hi I guess. I haven't been on MT lately, mainly because all my teachers rushed our finals into the last few weeks, so it's just been one test after another, (I have three tests next week) not to mention that I've also been studying for my high-school entrance exam at the end of this month. All in all, it's been pretty busy for me lately, but that's not the point. I'm here to ask a question, a pretty simple one at that. Well, here it is:

I have two manga ideas set up, and I want you to select which one that you think is dominant over the other in terms of the plots.


1) 14 Years ago, a select few children received injections as new-borns. Fast-forward to present day. Five of these children are going to the same class, just being...normal. Then, by the odds, an army of aliens create a worm-hole to travel to Earth, seeking weapons. As to why they seek them - these aliens do not own much weapons, however the weapons they do own are extremely effective against humans. The children that were injected 14 years ago are immune to these effects, as they are the only force Earth has against the aliens.

2) An average high-schooler is fed up with life. He's constantly bored of education, his friends, and his family - life is tasteless for him. When this child wakes up late and accidentally takes the wrong turn to his school, he ends up in a mysterious forest. Exhausted beyond belief, and completely lost, he notices a small light and is captivated by it. As he follows it, he notices a glowing wall. When he collapses on to said wall, he is warped to a land far beyond human recognition. To find his way back home, he must find all of the mysticals orbs. Life may become tasteful for him after all.