Hello, I've been a member of the oekaki boards for a while now and I've noticed something about it and would like to ask about it as well as make a suggestion. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but i would appreciate any answers provided.

As I previously stated, I've been a member of the MOB for a little while now and have contributed a fair share of images and advice. What I've noticed is that the 11-star room goes to waste. No one uses it. I think perhaps it's a little too much pressure because, though a lot of the artists on the MOB are very talented, they normally just draw for funzies. Even the more serious works from the various artists who do take the time needed to complete a quality piece don't post their work in the 11-star room.

The drawing room, though desolate at first, has become, I think, what was intended for the 11-star room. More time and effort is clearly displayed in the pieces there than in, say, the doodle room. What's more is that the drawing room is a sort of "promotion" where as whose technical prowess is adequate is not defined for the 11-star room.
erm, what i mean is that there is a big list of names that obviously says "these artists have shown they are skilled enough to draw in this room" at the top of the drawing room. this is something the 11-star room lacks. its a lot of pressure determining whether or not your work could be considered good enough to go into this room. there is no "promotion" system like the drawing room and so its kinda a free-for-all but in such a detouring way.

i think the drawing room is an updated version of the 11-star room, basically, and so makes the 11-star room redundant. Ultimately, it is a wasted board.

Though, I don't think it should be deleted or anything. If it was assumed that was what i was driving at, it certainly is not.

I was thinking we could create a different kind of room. My idea was a themed room. A board where the theme could change every week or so. like one week its mermaids and the next its the abyss of hell or playing with kittens or whatever. or perhaps like a coloring room where people can make lines and other people color them. or a collab room where two artists exclusively work on a piece. .-. idk something. just so the room isn't wasted. because as it stands, its one less thing to do on the MOB.

(also, i was wondering if the max canvas sizing for the drawing room could be any bigger? just a thought )

okay. done. thanks to whomever ends up reading this. and any answers. etc.