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Thread: Looking for Concept Artists

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    I dunno if it's clear, but he has somewhat of a hammerhead.

    This is a more detailed shot of the head, for clarification's sake. It has sharp, single-serrated teeth.

    Thanks for considering my concept.

    EDIT: +++ b/w concept sketches for Sniper, Flyer and Runner respectively.

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    Yeah, I noticed. I'm iffy on that part though, so I'll keep it as it is atm.

    The Sniper and flyer seem too bulky and humanoid, though. I do like the runner though. but it doesn't exactly look mobile...?

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    Yeah, I know they're humanoid. I'm just trying to go for unique anatomies as far as mixing and matching the bug/alien components. You want the sniper to look more like a scorpion and the flyer to look like a moth, right?

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    Ah, I see. Along those lines, yes.

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    Ok, I took Cypress's Flyer design and twick a little,

    and those are tiny little arms.

    Does the 'Droppers" carry units? or do they just drop and reign destruction?
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    The Droppers carry the Spawners to the ground as a shock absorber. It usually survives the fall and acts as a barrier of defense, the very same tentacles used as rudders being used as weapons.

    As for the Flyer, I think I should give a more specific outline:

    The Flyer acts as the "Air force" of the species. They split off of Carrier form to engage in combat by both swooping in and surveying the skies, and landing and fighting to assist its fellow Jade. unlike some of the other jade, Aside from the armored carapace, it looks more dragon-like than insectoid. It's light, yet powerful to carry not only itself, but the other separate entities that, together, form the carrier.

    Although it has pretty decent vision, it is practically blind in low-light environments. Because of this, it uses its sonic scream in non-lethal pulses as a form of echolocation, and to track movement. once it has found its prey, it sends a sonic scream at the desired location. It usually lands in high locations so as to have a good vantage point at all times.

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    Ah, see, that's what I was looking for: "dragon-like". Now I have something to work with. Sorry, I just didn't feel like drawing a giant moth. But I tried to make a more scorpion-y sniper:

    It's still bulky, I know, but any smaller and it wouldn't look much different from a big scorpion.

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    I kind of agree, Cypress XD in retrospect, I found that I liked your hunter because of the vague reptilian similarity.

    This one looks plenty better, and it just looks bulky 'cause of the torso. Could you guide me around the anatomy?

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    Well, I was thinking the bulkiness could be justified by making the hump-like area on the back like a container for the bio-material they shoot. Kind of like a camel's hump. Because you said you wanted the "sniper" aspect to be biologically integrated, correct? The arms can shoot forward while the tail can shoot omnidirectionally, I guess, so the sniper can provide cover for himself while sniping. I'll create a head anatomy later to show how the mandibles work and such.

    Oh, and the joints in the leg are configured in an accordian "Z" shape so that the sniper can "flatten" itself out against surfaces by folding them in, almost like an immobile turret, to steady its aim.

    And here's a silly doodle illustrating the Runner's anatomy:

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    Ah, I see. Not bad! I understand now.

    The Main thing about the runner is those back legs. they seem a lot like stilts...? I like everything else about it, though
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