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Thread: Looking for Concept Artists

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    I'll work on a dragon-like flyer shortly, but this is something I've been toying with. It's a beetle-type flyer with web-like wings between its limbs, like a flying squirrel.

    Of course, this could be used for other purposes, not necessarily as a flyer.

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    It's odd, but unique. lol might work as a spawner, but idk

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    UPDATE :

    I've all but taken care of the Jades, but I have another issue I wanna take care of; I'm asking for concept art on a futuristic military full body suit, with variations for different worlds:

    Earth: which we all know and love
    Shinoko: Marshy wetlands
    Kiraiin: Desert sandstorms
    Mobilia: Technology run rampant
    Onubaru: Jungle madness; Tree to tree

    I'm asking because I've done several different attempts for it. While they are OK imo, they're just not right. If you want to give it a go, great, just take your pick. Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like fun, I'll see if I can!

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    Thanks, you can play around with the style all you want.

    I like the variety... idk, I guess it gives a sense of depth...?


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