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Thread: hello.... :D

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    Talking hello.... :D

    i'm kinda new with this stuff.., but i like this site. i haven't any friends yet, so i'll be glad if you guys wanna visit my gallery. i have some digital art stuff there...,
    it will be nice also if you wanna be my friends...

    some artwork here.....

    (i made them with mouse by the way)

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    Hey Hibari, welcome to the site! Why not chat around the forum a bit? I'm sure you'll start to get to know everyone and forming friends.

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    Go to the Chatter Box and don't to the General Discussion Forum, that is how you made friend.

    Welcome, and, yeah do as I recommend you, go to the Chatter Box and post your work on the critique corner (I think more people look the work on there than in the galleries).

    Also a nice way to do friends is playing with them, so join to our rol games.!!!

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    sounds good

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    Nice work, welcome.


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