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Thread: Top 15 Favourite Anime of All Time

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    Top 15 Favourite Anime of All Time

    Make it top 5, 10 or 15, whatever you want. Just share what you love. c:

    1) Clannad + After Story
    2) Code Geass
    3) Darker Than Black/ Seasons 1+2
    4) Toradora
    5) Spice and Wolf
    6) Eureka Seven
    7) Angel Beats
    8) Kanon 2006
    9) Elfen Lied
    10) Gurren Lagann
    11) Honey and Clover
    12) Princess Mononoke
    13) Highschool of the Dead
    14) Needless
    15) Sora No Otoshimono

    Basically anything made by Key/Bones, or was directed by Hayao Miyazaki is something you should look in to.

    Gotta have an honorable mention for Death Note though. Death Note was one of the first anime I actually watched seriously and enjoyed, but I don't think I remember it as well as I should so I'm not going to put it up.
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