Hi all, I decided to post some concept characters for my manga. I'd like to know which ones I should scrap or change, or how I can improve my lineart maybe. I'd really appreciate it! Some tips to have the characters look more like their personality would be useful too ^^

Here's some info:
1 pretty important character in the story. Name: Elena Personality: very quiet but very powerful too. I decided to use dark clothing, but maybe I'll scrap/change the swords. They look so plain atm
2 I might add this girl to the story. She's kinda a sweet looking killing machine, but I don't know what clothes she should wear
3 (she can change her shape, like with the blades)
4 Important character. Name: Ellen. Personality: friendly, searches affection and likes to talk, curious. Ellen and Elena are twins, so I gave them some specific eyes for them
5 main character, I don't really like the outfit, but it's the best up to now. I'll probably redo his design unless a lot of people like it. He's friendly, kinda the average good guy. I want a manga
6 when Ellen (4) transforms extremely far. I'm pretty pleased with the result. Maybe I should add more waist. She's 'made' the big thing out of her own body
7 when Elena (1) transforms
8 Another stage in which Ellen transforms
9 10 11 don't really know about these. I might make them the enemies in the story, but that needs more thought.

Larger view: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs71/i/20...us-d3f6rtl.jpg